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Get ready for a sexual farce, a tender love story, and the hope surrounding second chances and the ability to change.

  • Auntie Elizabeth, an eighty-year-old Granny Clampet turned nymphomaniac and Sirius, an old, reclusive, Leonardo da Vinci-type astronomer.
  • Stallion, a handsome, a la Cheers, Sam Malone. Fanny, a street-sharp punk, torn between her desire for fast-paced passion and fatherly commitment.
  • Burgew and Pone, a pair of drunken gravediggers, who weigh in with more wit than an MTV version of Hamlet.
  • A vat of middle-aged testosterone named Will, and his wife, the religiously conservative, yet sultry, Penelope,–celebrating their twenty-third wedding anniversary.

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