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A Kidnapping. But the ransom isn’t money!

Thirty-six hours before the end of the Republican National Convention, the husband of a vice presidential hopeful is kidnapped. But the ransom isn’t money; it’s the candidate’s withdrawal from the upcoming election!

Laid Off? Don’t hire P.J. Griffin to help you get your next job!

Research Triangle Park, NC.  Unable to find a job for almost two years, P.J. Griffin decides to exact a desperate revenge on the corporate world. He begins blackmailing corporate executives.

Leesha Domont’s written a document more frightening than the UnaBomber Manifesto!

It’s the near-future, and although Internet voting software has existed for years, computer geek Thomas Bridger has created the killer app–  the security code that would make it safe for people to vote in political elections using the Internet! Who cares? Just about everybody (good and bad) in Washington, DC.  Especially Leesha Dormont.

Short, Book-Trailer VideosYour Backstage Pass for Behind-the-Scenes Extras!

Tracer (click here)

(Under 1 min)

Take a fast ride down the same road where the car chase takes place in Faulkner’s novel Tracer--the dead-man’s curve of Va. Beach, Virginia!

Headhunter (click here)

(Under 1 min)

In Faulkner's novel, The Headhunter, Baines and Tilley go out to eat for a first date. This short video shows the exact location, as well as gives you a feel for the actual restaurant, the food, and the back-story!

Radical (click here)


Discover how pets play a major role in Faulkner’s novel Radical, and how the author’s own dog inspired portions of the plot!

Even More Novels

8 People. But each one falls in love with the wrong person!

Get ready for the perfect rom-com (Romantic Comedy).  A sexual farce.  A tender love story.  The hope surrounding second chances and the ability to change.  Plus, that secretly-longed-for, happy-ever-after ending! 

A Beautiful Woman wants plastic surgery.  To make her ugly!

Two years ago, Dr. William Raven lost his license to practice medicine. The reason? Stephanie Lane, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. A simple face-lift. But something went horribly wrong. On purpose!


A mysterious stranger shows up in a futuristic Loch Ness, Scotland, to discover the answer to what happened during a power outage many years ago.

More Book-Trailer VideosYour Backstage Pass for Behind-the-Scene Extras!

Valentine's Day (click here)

(Under 1 min) 

Delve into the slapstick that makes Faulkner’s novel, Valentine’s Day–A Romantic Comedy, so side-splittingly hilarious!

Novel Noir (click here)

(Under 1 min)

 Check out the insane influences and research that went into the creation of Faulkner's dark, speculative novel.

Eye-Click (click here)

(Under 1 min)

Insightful.  Creative.  And just plain cool!  Meet the designer of the novel’s front cover, Ryan Saul.  RyanSaulPhotography.com

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Tom Selleck
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Novel Noir!





“When I started reading this book I did not want to put it down. It catches one’s interest from page one. The characters were very real and the story line has one staying on the edge. This is Lewis Faulkner’s best yet. I can’t wait for the next book.”

–Billie V. (Raleigh, NC)





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“Faulkner may soon be a famous literary name just like  authors Tom Clancy and Raymond Chandler.”

–Michelle C. (The Kentucky New Era newspaper)





“It was a good read,
and I polished it off
in one sitting.”

–Damon Y. (Raleigh, NC)





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“It was a bit like
a futuristic Raymond Chandler.
I couldn’t put it down. I stayed
up way too late to finish it.”

–Patricia B. (The Cary News newspaper)





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Morrisville Now Magazine.





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